Tod writes about the shootings in Las Vegas in a recent issue of the Los Angeles Times: Nothing stays in Las Vegas. Nothing ever did. When the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority launched its now-famous slogan — “What Happens Here, Stays Here” — in 2004, the region was climbing out of the shadows of 9/11, when tourism to the city slumped dramatically. The city had attempted to re-brand itself as a safe destination for families in the intervening years, but the fact was, no one came to Las Vegas to spend time with their families. People came to lose themselves, a simulacra of the American dream and the Wild Read more

The wonderful people at the Desert Sun, the local paper of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, sat down with Tod for a long interview (with a special appearance by the rarest of birds: quotes from Tod’s wife Wendy!). You can read it all here.  Goldberg, who assumes the cadence of a stand-up comic when given an audience, joked before the Las Vegas tragedy that his anti-hero is “prone to more murderous rages than I am.” But his wife, Wendy Duren, a writer who gives a first edit to everything her husband writes, says Goldberg shouldn’t be judged on his wit alone. “Tod’s always been a good guy,” she said. “That’s not something Read more

Tod sat down with Brad Listi at the wonderful OTHERPPL podcast. And it ends with Brad telling Tod he should run for office. That’s probably not going to happen. But it’s a great, long conversation. Check it out here. 

The nice people at Electric Literature sat down with Tod for a long conversation about gangsters, Jews, and the nature of crime in general: HSP: One of the things that gives this novel such weight is its connection — and subsequently, Rabbi David Cohen’s — to historical events. “No, these days, because of the stories of his congregation, he thought about shit that had gone down in 1917,” David thinks. “All that Pale of Settlement mishegoss. Pograms and show trials and Cossacks chasing down toddlers with dogs. That shit pissed him off like it had happened yesterday, because, in effect, it had. Three years ago he was blissfully unenlightened.” There’s also a remarkable conversation Read more

Thanks to the nice people at Coast Magazine for their great review of Gangster Nation:  Fans of Elmore Leonard will quickly devour Tod Goldberg’s latest novel, “Gangster Nation.” Based in Las Vegas and featuring the same mobster hit man-turned-rabbi from his breakout hit, “Gangsterland,” this worthy follow-up sees Goldberg fine-tune his signature mix of dark humor, violent crime, Talmudic wisdom and suburban satire.

The nice folks at the Orange County Register weigh in on Gangster Nation: “In the new book, Cupertine-Cohen is planning his escape from both his past and present, hoping to be reunited with his wife and son for a fresh start far from anyone that’s ever known him, but as the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 occur, his world and the world at large are turned upside down, his life and future thrown into jeopardy. It’s a thriller that walks a neat path from funny to frightening, its characters motivated by the overlapping codes of criminality and religion.”

A new interview with Tod with Terry Ambrose is live now. Secrets are revealed! Goldberg said he’s not a terribly religious person, but in the process of writing both Gangsterland and Gangster Nation he researched Judaism and what his character would learn when becoming a rabbi. “I needed that so when he is challenged by something in his fake life, I’d have a general sense of what he’d know as a rabbi at that point in time. The result is that I now have a lot of Talmudic wisdom floating around in my head at all times…paired up with lots of inventive ways to kill people. It’s a difficult proposition, Read more

If you buy one book for the holidays, it should probably be Gangster Nation…but if you buy two books, then you must buy The Usual Santas, an anthology of dark holiday tales from Soho Press, featuring Tod’s story “Blue Memories Start Calling.” Publishers Weekly things the book is “the perfect holiday gift for mystery fans.”

Thanks to Literary Hub for picking GANGSTER NATION as one of their must-read books of the month: Gangster Nation is the sequel to Goldberg’s acclaimed 2014 novel Gangsterland, which told the story  of former Chicago hitman Sal Cupertine’s transformation into Las Vegas Rabbi David Cohen.        Cupertine’s major screwup—he killed three FBI officers and an informant—necessitated his leaving Chicago and his family for an unusual new identity overseeing a congregation in the well-heeled Vegas suburb of Summerlin. The pleasure of these books comes from the critique of institutions Cupertine/Cohen sees all around him as a criminal turned confidante. Not only religion but family (what is the mafia if not a Read more

The good people at Desert Companion — the magazine of KNPR in Las Vegas — asked about how hard it is to think about bad, bad things all day long: September 1 sees the publication of Gangster Nation, by novelist and former Las Vegan Tod Goldberg, the follow-up to his Vegas-set best-seller Gangsterland. What’s important about the setting isn’t just where, but when: September 2001. Obviously, a lot of themes come together in the narrative, but at its most elemental level, it’s about a mob hitman, Sal Cupertine, who’s masquerading as Las Vegas rabbi David Cohen while doing favors for his old masters — and who wants out. Complications ensue. Read more