Tod writes about the shootings in Las Vegas in a recent issue of the Los Angeles Times:

Nothing stays in Las Vegas. Nothing ever did.
When the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority launched its now-famous slogan — “What Happens Here, Stays Here” — in 2004, the region was climbing out of the shadows of 9/11, when tourism to the city slumped dramatically. The city had attempted to re-brand itself as a safe destination for families in the intervening years, but the fact was, no one came to Las Vegas to spend time with their families. People came to lose themselves, a simulacra of the American dream and the Wild West available to you within steps of disembarking from a flight — the slot machines and video poker stalls closer than the bathrooms at most gates — and only a few hundred yards over the state line as you came racing up Interstate 15. One dollar could be turned into thousands, millions, who knows, it was Las Vegas, anything could happen. You could change the entire course of your life with one bet, provided you believed in yourself and your luck.

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