Fake Liar Cheat

Lonnie Milton has all of life’s essential accessory pieces: a 401(K) plan, a nice TV, a coffee table from Pottery Barn. The only thing missing is an actual life. Trapped in a dead-end job, Lonnie meets Claire, the perfect deliverance from his safe, boring, and even worse, ordinary life. Sucked into the swirling L.A. nightlife. Lonnie quickly graduates from Claire’s admirer to her accomplice. Together they pillage the town’s hottest spots, kissing cheeks with Hollywood’s power players, show runners and stars at SkyBar and Spago before their mendacity runs out. Alone, Lonnie discovers he has become an underground legend, his actions spawning a cult following of imitators as he careens toward an inescapable, explosive climax. In Los Angeles, it isn’t who you are, it’s where you’re seated…

“Entertaining, movie-thin comedy not out to change your life, only to offer an amusing read, which it does with high success.” —Kirkus

“A crazy good time.” —Los Angeles Times

“A hip, fast paced debut.” —Seattle Weekly

“Great social satire and one fine comic rag.” —Bellingham Herald