The wonderful people at the Desert Sun, the local paper of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, sat down with Tod for a long interview (with a special appearance by the rarest of birds: quotes from Tod’s wife Wendy!). You can read it all here. 

Goldberg, who assumes the cadence of a stand-up comic when given an audience, joked before the Las Vegas tragedy that his anti-hero is “prone to more murderous rages than I am.” But his wife, Wendy Duren, a writer who gives a first edit to everything her husband writes, says Goldberg shouldn’t be judged on his wit alone.

“Tod’s always been a good guy,” she said. “That’s not something he needed to discover about himself, or have drawn out through external circumstances. He’s funny, yes. That’s one facet he chooses to display. But his quickness with a joke isn’t the totality of him. Tod isn’t just funny the same way Sal isn’t just a hit man and David isn’t just a rabbi. He’s multi-faceted, with the same full range of emotions and moods everyone else has. Assuming the facets you don’t see don’t exist is a mistake.”

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